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Post-Grad Life

Last Friday, I graduated from college. My days of cooking in collegiate kitchens are over. Like most American post-grads, I’ve moved back in with my parents and have begun scouring the web for employment and writing slammin’ cover letters as if were my job.

In the attic, all of my kitchen wares have been packed up and labeled, awaiting the day I move out. Including the Burnt Pot.

2011 was a crap year. Mom had cancer, Grandma died, and various other things that didn’t help the situation. I am very glad that 2011 is over. 2012 has certainly been wonderful. Mom is healthy again, I’m done with school, a family wedding is just around the corner, and summer is just beginning. The whole year is certainly going to be a metaphor for new beginnings.

Dad ordered my coffee-maker to be packed away with everything else, as he does not want the smell of brewing hot coffee lingering in his house. (My new ‘roommates’ are difficult sometimes.) I needed something yummy and economically savvy, since I can’t afford daily trips to DD (Dunkin Donuts) anymore, and that doesn’t make the kitchen smell like DD.

So, in honor of the onset of summer (and the coffee addiction I have developed since completing student teaching) I give you the awesome recipe for Cold-Brew Iced Coffee from the Pioneer Woman. So Good!

The Pioneer Woman’s Cold-Brew Iced Coffee