A chef’s brazier and my brassiere are two very different things…

I learned this a long time ago from a very good friend who ended up in the culinary business. Imagine the sort of awkwardness that came out of that spell of confusion!

It’s one week until I move back to school for the spring semester. I spent winter break scouring mother’s arsenal of cookbooks for new recipes to try. Preparing them exactly as they appear in the cookbook/on the recipe card will be difficult, and who does that anyway? I don’t have a mixer, Crock-Pot, Cuisinart, immersion blender, and worst of all I don’t have a dishwasher. However, Santa must have thought I was a good girl this year, as he put a blender and hand-mixer under the tree. When some college kids see a blender, they think “Oooh! Where’s the Margarita mix?!” I see the perfect way to puree my tomato basil soup.

When I moved in, there was a refrigerator, sink, and an oven with an electric stovetop. Not what I was used to. Thankfully I had a mother that began collecting kitchen gadgets for me since I was 15, so I had some pots and pans, cheese graters, and measuring cups to work with.

Do you know who Percy LaBaron Spencer was? Well, I’ll tell you. He discovered the radar waves that melted the candy bar he had in his pocket. Thus leading to the invention of the microwave oven. Bless him. I acquired a microwave using a bit of eyelash batting on previously mentioned “cheffie” who did not need it.

I cannot remain true to the purpose of this blog if I cook in my mother’s kitchen, the stovetop itself could launch the Discovery space shuttle. So I will wait until I get back to school to post my first working recipe.

Coming soon:

Spicy Coconut Shrimp with Ginger Mousse
Pork with Thai Peanut Sauce and Simple Salad
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Homemade Corn Bread and Chili
Cap’n Crunch Chicken with the “Special” Sauce