Mr. DeMille, can I finish whisking this?

“Don’t breathe.”

I now have empathy for the poor cast members of “America’s Next Top Model.” Though, I believe have more cause for frustration under light and lens because, unlike the models of reality TV, I have my own task to accomplish at the same time. The taste and appearance of my final dish depends on a process, and timing. Trying to do all that and work with a photographer, with his own tasks, is vexing.

“There’s the money shot.”

Mad props to my photographer, whose commission was paid in Chicken Crunch with Cap’n Sauce. The pictures came out fantastic! He spent many an hour afterward adjusting and tweaking.  The results of such effort warrant a sushi trip later this weekend.

“Hold it right there.”

So, advice on taking pictures of food: get up close and personal. Really get into the detail of the food. Play with light. I took the desk lamp from my room and clipped it to a chair. For about 20 minutes, my kitchen was a movie set. Since I can’t cook and shoot at the same time, investing in an enthusiastic photographer was a good idea. Have the patience to really get the aforementioned “money shot” instead of making haste due to hunger. Hint: macro.

“To the left a little.”


2 responses to “Mr. DeMille, can I finish whisking this?

  1. Darling. You killed an All-Clad?

    Let me rephrase that.

    How could you?!! Seriously… HOW? (They have a lifetime guarantee, sweets. Surely it’s not truly dead.

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